Brand new beginning

It’s a brand new beginning
Psychological I stay winning
Mind keeps spinning
My Conscious keeps sinning
Not a way I want to keep living
It’s a brand new journey
Ascension bitch idk if ya heard me
Not to mention i hope I’m worthy
I’ve been dragged through the mud
My souls kinda dirty
Heart stabbed with a shove
Didn’t hurt me
Even though we know my ego seein evil
Its a little off beat with the steeple
Vein used to be a little off beat with a needle
The pain I hold I learn to turn Ignite burn down old ways new positive energy
Pavin ya roadways
Sometimes I wanna go away
To a place I can’t say
But tommorow is a new day to make a new way
In this game of life that you play
I’m gonna make my reality
Into something im proud to see
Myself I’m allowing me
To create my own destiny
A mind set of pure happiness
My minds a mess
some wont pass the test
Work hard at everything
be the best
All The hate they gonna bring
Don’t stress
They might try and break a wing
One left
Will I ever make it off this planet
Going manic still I don’t panic
I got patients in my zone I can stand it
Eventually on the throne my ass gonne be planted
Takin nothing for granted
But freedom I demand it…please
My other eye sees
What alot don’t
They lost touch
A little to much
Time to reconnect yourself to the
right you
Time to redirect your health
like new
Hard times gotta fight through
Don’t let evil bite you
Don’t let people despite you
Gravitate toward what enlightens you
Help yourself see a clearer way
Stare so long the mirror break
For goodness sake
How long should it take
They talking down
let em learn
Talking with a voice that’s stern
My noise burns away a lie
Into truth nobody can deny
That hit ya upside tha 3rd eye
Swift kick in the face
with a briefcase
I leave a sweet taste
My beats laced….. with a top shelf tone
That’s smoooth
Writing on my phone that’s what I do
Stuck like a lock like make a move
My rhythm give ya shoxx like that’s tha groove
Hitting hard like rox while drinking breew
Blastin Out tha box I go right through
captain like starfox I flew
Whole new perspective its like neew
I don’t follow the highways or byways
It’s my ways im flying sideways
I vibrate try to fly strait
I get irate my eyes dialate
Timeline a thin rope
Climbing to a higher state
I shine bright like new hope
Gotta stay right like screw dope
Taking flight still my wing broke
Im Awakened never falling I just float
Never forsaken when gods calling I m like yo
What it duz he like sup cuuuuzzz


My Center is the Pinnacle
Ultimate chemical
The interdimensional
Multi transitioning type being
Hype when I’m seeing the 5~D
I can see
Veins inside my arms They weave
Down around my wrist
Cant believe I’m seeing this
We are a limitless species
Together collectively I repeat these
Words of wisdom like it heat seeks
Negativity isn’t effecting me
Once I was tore ripped down to the floor
I found my grace when I concentrate
in the vast of space strait to my face
The universe gave me a taste
Kundlini slowly opens
Run with me I bring hope and bliss
I need to try harder
So I sip water
Slowly, knowing, growing, Showing
Evolving, solving, crawling
In between dimensions
Hittin speeds no limit
It’s time to get with it
Let’s create not debate
rewrite every mistake
Into a new reality with the ability
You gain from the pain that had to be felt
One lane my brain melts away into a brighter state of fate for humanity
Lies within the center of me….and you
Collective hive mind let’s pursue
Dissect designs learn clues
For the true reason of being
Human pride will keep you from seeing
your answers
Enhanced words
Advanced verbs
Will be the guide
to fix a mind thats fried
Never again will I be denied
Access to the sky
Once attained your brain will understand
All the proof is encoded in our DNA
They like “what did he just say”?
Dive in my knowledge with feet first
just research
Be the one that speaks the coldest words
Leave em with lyrics that are unheard
With one word
Leavin em with the lyrics that make em Wonder
Listening to my flow will make them Ponder
Solid god statue call me The Thinker
Yall dont even make me blink sir
I see stars and my winks blurred
Kina obscured
Coming from a king thats tryin to rule
Thats got a
Light blending higher dimensional crew
Always standing around you
I should shut up you don’t have a clue
I’m not the worst guy but eye spit facts
Their The third I shut like a newborn cat
They like “huh what you mean by that”?
You don’t get it now….
I pray you don’t get trapped
You can’t compete with the elite
they defeat and Conquer every city and Street might put a bomb under your backseat
Blow up your body along with your ideas
they own the committee can’t talk about it cuz there right here
Let me get back to some shit you will understand
Let me kick back in my recliner cuz I can’t stand
All the recycle rap titles washed up
They get squashed up
A1 got them wet like Sauced up
Since day one I’m a vet
I’m A Boss bruh
I gots to be
Part rasta
now my 3rd eyes free
Both eyes shut but still I see
I just let it be
The bridge of heartbroken souls
Im walkin over it
Let me shut up before I over spit.

🀯Karma kicks to the face πŸ€―

Starseed number 9….ready for take off… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Satan and his demons hate my flavor
I put it down for our Lord and savior
Talking bout real Jesus
When I flo I rip $#!t to pieces
My words flow through ya like plasmapheresis
Making everybody say stop it
Try and take me out the picture you can’t crop it
Underground real $#!t I drop it
Haters like “damn it” when I spit
I don’t belong on this planet making others quit
Let my flow swift kick your face
You want to eat you just get a taste
My Style original
No copy no paste
No time to waste
I see my reflection through a different direction
I show positive affection with my connection
The negative just let it live
Got to make the best of it
Pen to pad
Or thumb to screen
Not a fad
It’s a dream
My words flowing while I’m rowing
Cuz I created excuses like a lil hoe
My creative juices flow a lil moe
Feeling like I’m defeated
Everyday is repeated
Bad habits I feed it
Sobriety will be the new life of me
Or that’s the guy that I try to be
Cuz society’s got me rejected
My words are like a virus and I’m infected
Living the life always stay faded
End of the day guarantee you f’n hate it
My love for music ingrained eternally
Married to the music no fame I just verbally
Kill many instrumentals no need for surgery
Sitting on the porch
never stop think not
Spittin like a torch
I’ll turn your thoughts red hot
I scorch like dragons breath nothing left but bedrock
I’m the expired death call me the
I stay Beastin
while I’m feastin
rippin rappers to pieces
Makin their mom say “did you see this oh my dear jesus”!
I’ve been doing this since I was a fetus
From my head to my penis
A damn clown
My verse sound pounds within the grounds
Of the graveyard
Lyrically I’m a wutang killa bee
So you better pray hard
My soul is ice like a cold shoulder
Like origami flip and fold ya
Heated not defeated though I told ya
Fire flame still I scold ya
I stay bold bruh
Cuz I gotta bleed the block till the block is bled
Gotta creep with a glock till tha mouth is fed
I stay up in it and I represent it till I’m dead
I drift my $#!t
Hittin with nothing but a swift high kick
Strait chin checkin
360 back fist to ya chest
Call me tekkenπŸ₯‹
While I’m wreckin πŸ‘½

Return of the Jed”eye”

hoppin up out the speaker you hear words coming through
you already knew
what it do
when I’m blitztn ain’t skitzn but I’m fixin to
be getting to you
mixing my style into a new
vocabulary like rhyming is secondary to breathing
in n out ya head weaving, pleasin got ya believin
heating it up steaming got em feeenin
beatn the beat up like I’m dreamin
speedin the speed up like I’m beamin
feet keeping em up cuz in the game my mark im leaving it real
they shouting doubting disbelieving my skill
you know tha deal ima keep it og
blastin y’all ima trash em all
h20 I strait blow up with my fountain crumblin mountains
they stumblin round this
I’m bringing the new sound cuz I’m tha one who found it and put in the work
got em movin round as I turn this mound into dirt
might be a jerk going berserk egos get hurt
late night I lurk around this turf I call earth
Ive been wantin this since my birth
walking round with no shirt
staying on high alert
I ain’t no got time to flirt
I know they be fond of me
there’s bigger issues in the economy
They needs helps solving the
unsolved philosophy
like we
evolved from some fossil tree
none ain’t stoppin me
they stand right where I be with knowledge that’s free
walking over these trees like blades of grass
my brains like a maze of math
got em going circles tryin to walk my path
when I see the purple sphere
That comes near
I know it’s time
To sit down and and intertwine
Collective hive minds noticing the signs
Let’s dissect the designs
And turn our souls into shrines

Hard attack

People like what he doin
that boy alien
He aint human spewing these clues
im layin em
ill tracks im playin em
Spit facts im sayin em
New roads im paven em
New sound im craven em
Lost souls im savin em
New way im makin em
Haters meet their fate at my call
Mind state feeling great now I ball
Microphone abuser
Flip rhyme confuser
Frontal cortex a computer
Astronomical star shooter
Data re-router
Reality re-booter
This the new sound
that pounds
bass to the ground
Turning mounds into
ash, trash, as I dash
Spittin fast
I outlast while they doubt that
I don’t shout back
Gotta shed in the out back
With a e.t smoking loud crack
Look I got my proud hat….on
They think there right but their….wrong
Like thats an alright….song
I go all night….long
Flo so hot gotta use a….tong
hitting a pong ball
I stand strong yall
Negative wallll knockin
Sedative bass rockin
Dynasty topplin
Ufo feild croppin
Stop sign no stoppin
Broke sandle go floppin
Heavy handle bar droppin
Floors im moppin
Spit so much i glide when i walk in
I rule
never outta fuel
Kina cruel
Got a coat made of whool
Still diving in that pool
Unlimited energy all up in me
Ice cold flow through my ventricle
Said like whoa
they styles minuscule
Make a few heads blow
cuz I like to play tennis pool
Ill make you a ball in a curl
Inside a hall with a twirl
I recieve other plurals
From other other worlds
Im outta place
Im from outer space
Yall have a rounder face
With a weirder taste
Come nearer ill turn you to paste
Thats toothless
My raps are ruthless
Like who could do this
Only a few….shiiiit
Like damn that mans toooo lit
Yall get back
why dont yoouu sit
Absent from my classes
i’ll excuse it
Outlastin tha masses
like D how you dooo it
Rappin with passion call me jesus fluuiiid
Hidden within the demision you live in
Are the answering you seek
My knowledge I’m giving
Oh now they listening…
It’s all jokes. Fun and games. Until somebody breaks out at their own mind πŸ––πŸ‘½πŸ’šπŸ’œ


All the pain
I gotta regain
mind frame
I must tame
Ain’t gone be tha same to me
gotta keep my sanity
I Maintain in the rain in my lane time to gain
My name… back
I want fame say names in vein change the game
While my souls… cracked
I let it live tryin to steer through
I leave negative in the rearview
Till I peer through and see a clear view
There’s you….What do I do
Damn I’m blessed I manifest good vibes
Respect the test cant it rest? no goodbyes
Stuck might be the best my mood dies
I think positivity into existence
Relentless with tha sickness flow
The more I know enough
The more I blow up

Wonderful morning to all

I just wanted to start by saying I want to come morning to everybody. I wish everybody Happy Adventures and whatever today brings. Treat today as if it is the last day of your life, treat today as if there will be no tomorrow. Though time doesn’t exist clocks we are all living on borrowed time. Positivity. Ps. I’m new blogging any tips or improvements will be greatly appreciated to me. Thank you all and have a wonderful day πŸ™‚